I am Tudor. I have a pretty name and even prettier face. I was supposed to be a good and loving child who plays the guitar or tennis and becomes an architect someday. That was the Mommy’s plan. Unfortunately, we had to change the plans due to incompetence of my physicians. However, its most important part turned out to be true – I am a good child whose love for their parents is beyond expectations. As for the other plans … well, let’s wait a bit longer.

I am four years old and yet I still cannot adopt a proper sitting position. Recently I have gone through a surgical intervention. It was a very tough time for me and my parents. My entire country helped me to struggle with my disease, same as you. The truth is that I know you since the first months of my life. I used to wear orthopedic corset for a long time. Now after the surgery, I need the S.W.A.S.H and orthotics in order to keep my hips in upright position.

They say that I am a little spoiled child. Well, I say I just love to stay in my Mommy’s arms. I have spent most of my lifetime in my Mommy’s arms, either when sleeping, eating or walking.

It took a while until I tested the RACER™ stroller. I was not very eager at first, but then I realized that it is far more comfortable than my Mommy’s arms. Now when I am growing up really fast, and my parents’ arms are becoming too small for me – the RACER™ stroller perfectly replace them. I started going on a walk and watching my favourite cartoons on TV much more frequently. Once I even slept for a few minutes and it has probably been one of my best sleep ever because I tend to have sleepless nights. I began to love my stroller so much that my Mommy has become jealous. Now she takes me in her arms when I don’t even ask for it.

Briefly, this is the story of my little boy Tudor. A nice story surrounded by everything what’s good and which will become even more lovely. As Tudor’s mother I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you that my child had opportunity to grow up with you and thank you for helping me realize how wise he is. He only takes what is best for him, he gave up my arms for your stroller and this is a big achievement.

I keep silently thanking you, with my eyes full of tears of happiness , every time I come back from shopping with peaceful and happy child. Not long ago, me and my husband struggled to carry him alternatively. We came back home tired, covered up with saliva with crying and agitated child. It will be hard to forget what happened yesterday. We went shopping. Tudor was placed in his stroller, waiting to see the nice things we were about to buy him for autumn-time. After a while I realized that I had lost him from my sight. Me and his father went too far away from his stroller, and he was watching us quietly. You may have no idea what it means for a mother who after two years of leaving home just for the therapy was afraid to cross the street. Yes it means a lot and I am happy to thank you for that.

We are looking forward the ZEBRA™ chair. The time we spent in the therapy ward was a torture due to position Tudor had to adopt. An improvised chair is all they can afford for the two small patients with terra-paresis, since the other ones can sit. Tudor is crying not because of therapy but a position he is forced to adopt. I decided to provide him with a posture chair, and when Tudor will be able to stand we will provide him with a standing frame.

This is our common experience. A pleasant experience that helped me to greatly improve his life.

It is not easy for us to bear the costs since everything is so expensive. With the help of those who love us we managed to do all of that and I am certain that we will manage to do much more.

 With love,

A fulfilled Mommy.

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