RACER HOME® Another product from the family of the special needs strollers RACER®. It is the response for our customers’ individual needs. It is an indoor version of a RACER® stroller that is well known and appreciated by our users and their caretakers.

RACER HOME® allows transporting children and adults with limited locomotor abilities. It is perfect both for private apartments and rehabilitation centers. The sizes 1 3 easily fit into 60 cm wide door, which is especially useful in case of narrow rooms and elevators.

A stable construction and a system of belts and supports make the user feel safe and secure.

The stroller retains all the advantages and stabilization systems of the standard RACER® stroller as well as the possibility of mounting all the existing accessories.

RACER HOME® has been made of durable materials which will allow you to use it for many years. The stroller can be folded and unfolded very quickly and easily, that is why transporting it in a car or storing it does not cause any problems.


Stable structureStable structure
The device ensures adequate stability and safety of user.

Reflective elementsReflective elements
The product has reflective elements to ensure your safety.

24 months warranty24-month warranty
We offer 24-month warranty on the product. We also provide after sales service.

Spacer upholsterySpacer upholstery
The device is equipped with breathable, hypoallergenic 3D spacer fabric. Now you can be sure that the skin stays dry for longer!

Łatwa obsługaEasy to use
Intuitive way of adjustment and easy assembly.

Chwyć i pociągnijHold & Pull™
A special system used in our vests and hip belts. The ergonomic D-shaped grip makes it easy for the user to adjust the product quickly and comfortably. The system is designed also for people with hand dysfunctions.

Amortyzowane koła tylne

Four very quiet swivel wheels, each with a brake, make it easier to maneuver the stroller in narrow places. Additionally, the wheels are made of light rubber which does not leave any marks on the floor.

System pelot

RACER HOME® has been made of durable materials which will allow you to use it for many years.

Idealna pozycja siedząca

The construction of the seat forces the proper position of the user in the stroller, which helps to correct the faulty posture and prevents its deepening to a significant extent.


It is recommended in the following cases:

  • Cerebral palsy – various types and forms.
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries with lower limbs paralysis and weakness, balance and motor coordination disorders with different etiology.
  • Demyelinating disease (e.g. multiple sclerosis – SM).
  • Meningocele.
  • Muscles diseases with weakness and paralysis (dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, myositis).
  • Genetic disorders.
  • Degeneration and neurological diseases.
  • Other condition connected with muscles weakness, paralysis and musculoskeletal disorders.
  • After head and spinal cord injuries and spine trauma with paralysis and paresis.



Symbol Measurement Unit Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
W Indicative user height* [cm] < 120 < 150 < 180 < 180
A Seat width [cm] 33 36 39 45
L Seat depth [cm] 33 43 47 47
C Headrest height  [cm] 50 – 62 60 – 72 66 – 84 66 – 84
E Backrest width [cm] 30 32 36 41
F Footrests length [cm] 30 – 33 31 – 36 37 – 45 37 – 45
C1 Backrest height [cm] 62 72 84 84
L1 Seat depth to the abduction block [cm] 15 – 18 23 – 26 28 – 32 28 – 32
Footer length [cm] 20 20 22 22
Push handle height [cm] 102 102 102 102
Y Seat tilt angle** [°] 20 20 20 20
X Backrest tilt angle [°] 90 – 140 90 – 135 90 – 140 90 – 140
Z Footplate tilt angle [°] 100 – 120 100 – 125 100 – 120 100 – 120
Max. user weight [kg] 35 50 75 90

Note: Measurement tolerance range is +/- 1 cm / ½ in.
*This measurement cannot be the main parameter while choosing the product size.
**Value measured with the seat loaded.
As a part of our permanent product improvement, Akces-Med reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice. Further, not all options and features offered are compatible with all configurations. Please refer to the user instruction manual for more information.

How to measure the user – click



Measurement Unit Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Width [cm] 51 53 57 63
Length [cm] 107 128 145 145
Height [cm] 102 102 102 102
Width after folding [cm] 51 53 57 63
Length after folding [cm] 105 113 125 125
Height after folding [cm] 41 44 50 49
Weight* [kg] 20 22,6 25,8 26,8

*The given weight includes a frame with wheels and upholstery. The weight may vary depending on the additional accessories the stroller can be equipped with.

Note: Measurement tolerance range is +/- 1 cm / ½ in.
Note: Approximate values, depending on the product configuration.
Note: In extreme positions of the handle, it may collide with the backrest when changing its angle. In such cases, the handle should be raised while adjusting.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15

Foldable frame

  • Solid as well as light silver frame
  • Constant tilting function
  • Control over correct user’s position
  • Easy and quick to fold as well as unfold stroller
  • Small size after folding


  • Equipped with 2-point belts fastening feet with heel stabilization and abduction-adduction angle adjustment
  • It is possible to adjust the height of footrest

Seat cushion

  • Soft as well as profiled foam padded with 3D knitting
  • Easy to assemble on seat

Abduction block

  • Separating leg function
  • Secures user from falling out of stroller
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Different configurations for the adjustment of abduction block on seat

Adjustable backrest

  • It is possible to adjust backrest’s tilt angle

Side pelottes

  • Profiled foam edged with washable upholstery
  • It is possible to have control over correct position of user in stroller
  • It is possible to adjust pelottes on backrest at any height
  • Easy to assemble on stroller’s backrest by means of Velcro tapes


  • Trunk support function
  • Made of easy to wash fabric
  • Easy and quick adjustment of the vest to user’s body with the Hold & Pull system
  • Wide range of adjustment
  • Solid elements, certified with military certificate, manufactured by Nexus company
  • Concerning standard equipment, it is possible to exchange vest for pelvic belt


  • Profiled shape of headrest
  • Edged with washable upholstery
  • Easy to assemble on backrest with the aid of elastic belt
  • It is possible to adjust headrest at any height on backrest
  • Aesthetic finish


  • Easy to assemble

Cover for folding mechanism

  • Soft foam inside side covers protects user from hitting on stroller’s frame
  • Fastened with the aid of zipper

Four swivel wheels

  • Made of light rubber which does not leave marks on the floor
  • Equipped with a brake
  • Quiet

Side covers for calves

  • Soft foam inside side covers protects user from hitting on stroller’s frame
  • Easy assembly and disassembly – side covers are fastened on frame by means of velcro tapes
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Edged with washable upholstery with reflective elements

Handle for pushing stroller

  • For size 1 & 2 push handle has adjustments of angle. Size 3 & 4 is without the adjustments
  • Ergonomic handle for pushing stroller
  • It is possible to adjust the tilt angle of handle (for size 1 & 2)
  • Aesthetic finish





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