JOY™ table is unique accessory to our Kidoo™ chair but not only. It can be used along with other chairs, school chairs or office chairs. All of this because of the height adjustment.

Wide tabletop provides a lot of possibilities – this is a place to play, learn, to have a meals or to use a computer. The table can be fitted to every chair, because of adjusted height. The table is stable because of firm construction. The tabletop is smooth and easy to maintain.

Product comes disassembled. Assembly process is fast and easy.



Product comes disassembled. Assembly process is fast and easy.


Adjustable height allows the setting table


Wide top provides space for work and play

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It is possible to order a JOY™ table with tilt board

The JOY™ table can be used in such situations as:

  • Diagnosing the user – the possibility of adjusting the JOY™ table to the user’s individual needs helps to analyze the clinical picture of the user, their behavior and reflexes while sitting on a bed, in a car seat, chair or wheelchair.
  • Therapy monitoring during the treatment process – the daily use of the JOY™ table allows you to monitor the user’s behavior during the rehabilitation process in the same, comparable conditions. It helps to choose appropriate and targeted methods to obtain the best possible results of the therapy.
  • Soothing or compensating the effects of injury or handicap – the JOY™ table can be successfully used in various situations during everyday therapy, recreation and work and, at the same time, it improves the quality of everyday life. Having meals or doing simple manual activities with the use of the JOY™ table becomes much easier. The large surface of the table top makes it possible have all the necessary items within the reach of the user.


Symbol Dimension Unit  JOY 1  JOY 2  JOY 3  JOY 4
A width [cm] 90 90 90 90
B depth [cm] 60 60 60 60
C height [cm] 45 – 73 45 – 73 45 – 73 45 – 73
D cut-out width [cm] 40 40
E cut-out depth [cm] 20 20
weight [kg] 12,5 13,5 13,5 14,5
max. load [kg] 50 50 30 30
tilt adjustment range [°] 0 – 30 0 – 30