RACER BodyMap®

RACER BodyMap® is a perfect solution for people with lack or limited body stabilization.

RACER BodyMap® is a stroller that enables carrying children and adults with limited mobility. It can be used either in the user’s home or rehabilitation centres. Stabile construction as well as system of vacuum cushions BodyMap® make the user feel safe and comfortable.

BodyMap® system consists of:

    • BodyMap® A+ seat cushion with pelvis stabilization and abduction block– its profiled shape contributes to the correct sitting position and the abduction block prevents crossing of the legs.
    • BodyMap® B+ backrest cushion with trunk side stabilization – provides additional trunk stabilization perfectly adapting to the shape of the spine. Used both for posture alignment and comfort increase. You must no longer use extra“ fillers” and other rollers.
    • BodyMap® D headrest – it makes your head appropriately supported. It easily adapts to the shape of the head. The headrest is filled with granulate whose properties allow additional stabilization from every side of the head.
    • Lower limbs separator with calf support belt helps to stabilize and keep the lower limbs in correct position, additionally prevents from crossing of the legs.
    • Electric pump – greatly facilitate shaping of the cushions. Most importantly, you are able to shape the cushions without necessity of removing the user from the stroller. In order to change its shape again, you should inflate some air inside.

This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the user manual or the label.

RACER BodyMap® has a significant impact on maintaining the correct position in the stroller and provides full stabilization of the body. It greatly facilitates correction of posture defects and prevents its deepening. Each cushion can be equipped with additional accessories such as cotton cover, VISmemo™ cover or spacer bushing.

RACER BodyMap® is especially recommended for walking in a rough terrain (e.g. where the sidewalks are uneven or curbs are high).

The process of folding and unfolding is very quick and simple, therefore, transportation and storage do not cause major problems.

The individual elements of the vacuum cushions system can easily be used in other devices. Installation process is easy and intuitive. In order to do that, you only need to attach the velcro elements to the surface of another device. The cushions shape and size fit the stroller’s size. You can change the shape and size of BodyMap® products by individual order. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Ask for details in your shop or call the Akces-Med consultant +48 516 183 883.

To learn more about the BodyMap® system, please visit www.bodymapsystem.com.


Stable structureStable structure
The device ensures adequate stability and safety of user.

Reflective elementsReflective elements
The product has reflective elements to ensure your safety.

24 months warranty24-month warranty
We offer 24-month warranty on the product. We also provide after sales service.

BodyMap® system
Chair is designed to fully stabilize the user using the vacuum BodyMap®.

Łatwa obsługa Easy to use
Intuitive way of adjustment and easy assembly.

A unique advantage of <strong>RACER EVOBodyMap<sup>®</sup>™</strong> stroller is connection between its construction and BodyMap® vacuum system

A unique advantage of RACER BodyMap® stroller is connection between its construction and BodyMap® vacuum system

The calf belt stabilizer perfectly stabilizes the patient's legs and protects them from possible injury.

The calf belt stabilizer perfectly stabilizes the user’s legs and protects them from possible injury.

Rear wheels with shock absorbers provide comfort even on bumpy terrain.

Rear wheels with shock absorbers provide comfort even on bumpy terrain.


It is recommended in the following cases:

  • Cerebral palsy (CP) – various types and forms.
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries of various etiologies with limb paresis, severe balance disturbances, and coordination impairments.
  • Demyelinating diseases (multiple sclerosis – MS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – ALS, and others).
  • Meningocele.
  • Muscle diseases with paresis and paralysis (including dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, polymyositis).
  • Genetic syndromes with limb paresis.
  • Degenerative and metabolic diseases of the nervous system.
  • Degenerative and rheumatic joint diseases.
  • Other diseases with limb paresis, paralysis, and musculoskeletal impairments.
  • After injuries, following traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries with limb paresis and paralysis, particularly with quadriplegia (as part of the rehabilitation process or as permanent orthopedic support).


  • Critical condition of the user,
  • Paralysis,
  • Deep sedation,
  • Unstable fractures with specific orthopedic recommendations, including spinal fractures,
  • Untreated deep vein thrombosis,
  • Hemodynamic instability,
  • Documented brain dysfunction while sitting in an upright position,
  • Severe inflammation of the cervical spine joints,
  • Pulmonary embolism,
  • Recent myocardial infarction within the last 24 hours,
  • Fresh postoperative wounds or non-healing wounds in the back, pelvic area, hip joints, and thighs,
  • Users with mental disorders should not be left unattended in the device.


The biggest advantage of our cushions is their perfect fit to the user body. Every cushion is made individually according to the dimensions given in order form, which allows to meet every user’s needs.

Note: In extreme positions of the handle, it may collide with the backrest when changing its angle. In such cases, the handle should be raised while adjusting.

Order form

Each BodyMap® product is made by hand with greatest care and attention to every detail, therefore, the waiting time for individual stroller is up to 30 days.

Ask for details in your shop or call the Akces-MED consultant +48 516 183 883.

To learn more about the BodyMap® system, please visit www.bodymapsystem.com.

As a part of our permanent product improvement, Akces-MED reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice. Further, not all options and features offered are compatible with all configurations. Please refer to the user instruction manual for more information.



Racer 1 2 3 4 6 8 9 10 11 12 15 16

Foldable frame with 4 fixed wheels

  • Solid as well as light silver frame
  • Constant tilting function
  • Control over correct user’s position
  • Easy and quick to fold as well as unfold stroller
  • Small size after folding

Footrest with feet stabilizing belts

  • Equipped with 2-point belts fastening feet with heel stabilization and abduction-adduction angle adjustment
  • It is possible to adjust the height of footrest

Adjustable push handle

  • Ergonomic handle for pushing stroller
  • It is possible to adjust the tilt angle of handle
  • Aesthetic look

BodyMap® A+ – seat cushion

  • Seat cushion with high side supports and abduction block
  • Provides appropriate and comfortable lying position
  • Special abduction block reduces adduction contracture by setting the lower limbs in neutral position
  • Anatomically shaped cushion, its side supports prevent antversion of the pelvis which significantly reduces the extensive pressure on bony eminence such as ischial tuberosities and sacrum bone. Also, protects from bedsores
  • Equipped with self-adhesive function

Reclining backrest

  • It is possible to adjust backrest’s tilt angle

4 points safety vest

  • Trunk support function
  • Made of easy to wash fabric
  • Easy and quick adjustment of the vest to user’s body with the Hold&Pull™ system
  • Wide range of adjustment
  • Solid elements, certified with military certificate, manufactured by Nexus company

BodyMap® D headrest

  • Vacuum orthopedic headrest with function of easy modeling
  • Ideally suited for mounting to most of the wheelchairs, rehabilitation chairs, as well as standing frames. If necessary, you can easily change the shape of the headrest to match other user’s head
  • Equipped with self-adhesive function

Safety rail

  • Safety rail secures user from falling out from the stroller, makes it more comfortable and safe to use stroller
  • Easy to assemble
  • Edged with washable upholstery with reflective elements

Leg separator equipped with shin belt

  • It separates and stabilizes the user’s legs
  • Made of easy to wash fabric
  • Easy to montage


  • PU wheels (12,5 inch 2,25 inch)

BodyMap® B+ – backrest cushion with side stabilization

  • Backrest cushion with side supports
  • Indicated for everyone with weakened or flaccid muscle tone of the back or trunk as well as for those who spend a lot of time sitting e.g. wheelchair users
  • Provides appropriate and comfortable position as well as decrease the pressure on bony eminence i.e. the shoulder or spinal column
  • Decreases the excessive pressure on the tissues which reduces the bedsore risk
  • Equipped with self-adhesive function




This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the user manual or the label.