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Welcome to Akces-Med, an established European Medical company manufacturing specialised medical equipment since 2004. Our company mission is to enable and support children, young people and adults to gain independence. Akces-Med products are specifically designed to provide support for all with special needs. We continually work with healthcare professionals to produce products specifically designed to accommodate the most demanding postural requirements. Akces-Med manufactures quality endorsed products, backed by quality management system ISO 13485. The Akces-Med product range includes buggies, specialised static seating, and dynamic standing frames. All our products can be individually customised, by using additional components, specifically for each individual. Akces-Med products are widely used throughout Europe in the home, specialist centres and schools. We welcome and value the opportunity to work with healthcare professionals, families and individuals and offer our continued commitment and support with the Akces-Med products.

Akces-Med Sp. z o.o.

Akces-Med headquartersAkces-Med headquarters