Kidoo Table™

The Kidoo table™ is a fantastic addition to children and the youth therapy. It is a great help in everyday activities such as rehabilitation but also during play, study or having meals. An eye-catching wooden design is an ideal complement to a Kidoo chair. The universal character of Kidoo table™ makes it perfect for other chairs as well as an independent product. An ergonomic shape of the tray with edge, an adjustable height and the possibility to adjust the tabletop tilt increases the practicality and comfort while using the table. All of the above make the Kidoo table™ an irreplaceable element during the therapy of your child.

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Kidoo table™  can be used with positioning chairs as well as with school chairs. Fits not only to our chairs.

Adjustable height allows the setting table

Wide top provides space for work and play


Symbol Dimension Unit Size 1
Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
A Board lenght [cm] 65 70 75 80
B Board depth [cm] 43 48 54 58
C Table height [cm] 39-50 47-64 51-71 55-79
D Tilt angle of the board [st] 0-12 0-12 0-12 0-12
Weight [kg] 8 9,2 11 13
Maximum user weight [kg] 30 30 30 30