Country: Pakistan
Age: 14
Product: RACER EVO®

My nephew’s name is Shuja. He was born as an ordinary child but then hepatitis affected him badly and paralyzed most of his brain and body. He is unable to walk and talk. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find products for special needs students in our country. We have bought a lot of strollers since 2007 but those were insufficient to meet Shuja’s needs in one way or the other. Recently, we have bought RACER EVO™ and found it very useful. We now regret that we found it so late. Finding it earlier could have avoided many problems. Shuja has developed the problem to cross his legs in form of scissor but now the abduction block helps to keep the legs separate.

We feel that his sitting position has improved because of RACER EVO™ and with time it will improve more. We are thankful to AKCES-MED for their useful products as well as for their professionalism in dealing with their customers.

May God bless this company and its workers.