REHST_101 Thigh abduction belts

REHST_101 Thigh abduction belts

Thigh abduction belts can be successfully used in wheelchairs, rehabilitation seats, or other seats whose structure allows their installation.

They allow the legs to be kept in abduction and prevent the user from slipping off. Recommended for people with increased muscle tension in the lower limbs, including: with adduction contractures or severe spasticity.

They are easily attached with tapes.

A safe solution that does not cause pressure on the perineum.

rys pasy odwodzące uda do tabeli

Size A B C D
0 (XS) 13 cm 24 cm 14 cm 5,5 cm
1 15,5 cm 29 cm 14 cm 7 cm
2 20 cm 35 cm 17,5 cm 7 cm
3 20 cm 35 cm 22 cm 7 cm
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