NVA/NVE/NVH_163 Anatomic thigh abduction belts (FP-23)

NVA/NVE/NVH_163 Anatomic thigh abduction belts (FP-23)

Ideal for users with lower limb spasticity and clasp-knife effect.

The Anatomic thigh abduction belts FP-23 are mounted on the side of the seat in its back part. The belts wrap each leg through the inner thigh and go down to the lower side of the thigh, where they are fixed to the front part of the seat. Such an assembly provides a greater contact surface area with the user’s body, which increases the control of leg movement. It helps keep the femur in alignment and prevents excessive adduction. At the same time, the user has full range of motion of the pelvis.

The anatomic thigh abduction belts FP-23 do not cause compression in the lower abdominal region, so the bladder and perineal area are not exposed to excessive pressure.


Size A B (min-max) C D
M 44 cm 90 – 137 cm 2,5 cm 9,5 cm
L 53 cm 115 – 163 cm 4 cm 12 cm
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