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26.07.2018 Crab™ & Crab Pro™

We would like to inform you that CRAB™ and CRAB PRO™ are no longer available in our offer. 

19.07.2018 New JORDI™ colour

Our JORDI™ is now available in a new colour version. At our customers’ request we have changed the grey colour of the footrest, backrest, seat and tray to a bright and friendly blue colour. We hope you like this change. The chair in the new colour will be delivered to you after the grey version of JORDI™ […]

13.07.2018 See how works our Smart™!

29.06.2018 An improved pelvic belt – Smart™

Our SMART has a new pelvic belt from now on. It makes the stabilization of the patient’s pelvis much more effective. We’ve added a front belt which allows much better control of the pelvic rotation. The pelvic belt design also ensures the correction of the patient’s position in the frontal plane due to the possibility of a gentle pelvis […]

07.06.2018 Check our new product – Racer Home™!

25.05.2018 Information about accessories

We would like to inform, that gray trays for products: Ombrelo™, Racer™, Racer evo™, Ursus™ Are available while stocks last. Trays in black colour only will be available in our offer.

30.04.2018 BodyMap® offer update

BodyMap offer update – click baner for more information.

05.04.2018 New size tables

02.03.2018 New under seat storage basket for ULISES EVO™

01.03.2018 Thanks to the KIDOO™ Table the therapy, studying and playing are even more pleasant now!