Country: Bulgaria
Age: 17

My son Veselin Stoychev is 17 years old. He was born with a genetic disorder WOLF-HIRSCHHORN syndrom. He has multiple disabilities and can not walk. That is why the buggy is in fact his “legs”. He likes going outside a lot and that is why the buggy is a nesesery for us. We use Racer Evo since July 2015. The buggy is very confortable for the child and for myself being his mother. He feels very happy when he is in the buggy. When the weather is suitable we go outside twice a day- 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. We use the buggy to go in any place- to rehabilitation, shopping, going to the park and just going around the neighbourhood. The only problem is that the sidewalks in Bulgaria are not very accessible. There are many sidewalks which have potholes and the curbs are quite high and difficult to climb on. Overall we are very happy that Akces Med has can offer multi colour strollers which are comfortable and safe. I would not hesitate to recommed the Racer Evo to any parent whose child has similar needs to mine.

Lena Stoycheva