Country: Poland
Age: 12

Szymon from the very beginning had to fight for his life. Born in deep asphyxia, he could not breathe independently. He showed a tremendous will to live, and he is with us today! However, he is struggling with many problems – the effects of hypoxia.

He can not walk, sit alone, talk, he has trouble with maintaining his head up. He is a child with spasticity. Every movement, every action requires a very large effort from him. Szymon also has a gastro-esophageal reflux, trouble with swallowing and breathing. He also often suffers from upper respiratory tract infections, and is fed probe directly into the stomach. He faces a difficult and refractory epilepsy, seizures tire him daily, which greatly affects his overall well-being and health.

Despite so many problems he is a very cheerful child. He wants to live, to laugh, to have fun and enjoy the world around him. Szymon is a happy boy who loves to cuddle, and enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

During rehabilitation he uses a lot of equipment and assistance. One of them is the rehab stroller RACER EVO™. This is the first stroller that Szymon fully accepted after checking a number of solutions from different companies. We live in the countryside, where RACER EVO™ works great. The stroller is very easy to lead,  it is very agile and well balanced. I know I can leave Szymon in the stroller with full confidence and no fear for his safety for the time of his therapy and education or just to simply play. Despite the large spasticity of my son, the backrest can easily be adjusted even by such a small person like me. A good solution is also an extensive pocket on the back of the stroller, which during walks serves as a storage for useful little things. Trolley RACER EVO™ is an essential part of our everyday lives.

We also have a bath chair called AKVOSEGO™ with an AKVO™ mobile base. We use it mostly at home, but we use its advantages at the swimming pool as well as for example during our convalecence stays or in the garden and on the beach during the warm summer days. It is an essential element in therapy, learning and fun. Its basic function is great for the bath and toilet, and the upholstery dries very quickly and is pleasant to the body. The great advantage is the AKVOSEGO™ harness, which perfectly stabilizes the hip in large spastic tension which Szymon has.

I can calmly take care of household chores while my son is on the seat. It is stable and secure. The equipment is very light and at the same time easy to use. Thanks to the agile AKVO™ base  I can transport my son without further burdening my spine.

Described equipment, which we use everyday, are very well tolerated by Szymon, which in his state of health is not easy and obvious. They are a very big help for me and taking care of my dearly loved son.

With gratitude,

Mom Joanna