Samuel and Luka

Country: Zambia
Age: 5
Product: HIPPO+™, RACER EVO®

The youngsters in Kasisi Children’s Home use Akces-Med special strollers

All youngsters in Kasisi Children’s Home have a dramatic experience. They found care and safety in Kasisi. Donators of Kasisi Foundation provide specialist equipment used for maintaining the hygiene.

Below, you can read the story of Samuel and Luki, which use our special strollers: Racer Evo and Hippo+.


Samuel was born on March 10 in 2011. When he was 1 year old, he was left on the street in the Lusaka – the capital of Zambia.

The boy is blind, paralyzed and  deaf, so he needs professional physical therapy. He does rehabilitation exercises twice per day with one of “mumies” (one of caregiver in Kasisi Children’s Home).

Being under the care, Samuel is calm and doesn’t cry, but he’s in no contact still. He needs close touch and hugging. Physical therapy helps boy to relax and stop all of disability processes.

Buy a special children stroller is impossible in Zambia. At the beginning of the 2016, Samuel didn’t have this kind of product. To enable boy transfer, caregivers assembled ordinary pushchair with baby car seat.


You can see this solution in the picture. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good option for little boy. Without ergonomic rests, his legs and forearms were in uncomfortable position. We had to do something! If we couldn’t buy any special stroller in Africa, we decided to seek some in Poland. Thanks of our donators, we could check the best products in Polish market. The first stroller of Akces-Med called “Racer Evo” was bought in the spring 2016. After 1,5 hour of covering it with bubble wrap and cartoons, the stroller was ready to ship to Africa.

Racer Evo was shipped to Zambia by plane without any damages.

Since now, Samuel use the stroller made special for him! Advantages of using the special stroller are visible to the naked eye: the boy sits comfortably and safety with seat belts, his head is kept in anatomical position, special rests support his forearms and stroller is more stable and firm.

This advantages improve daily physical therapy exercises in Kasisi Children’s Home.


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Luka was born in 2011 and left in gas station in Lusaka.


The boy, with cerebral palsy, is blind and deaf but he feels touch of his caregivers. He’s still under individual rehabilitation therapy, but in no contact. He’s calm and doesn’t cry.

He loves spending time outdoors in stroller where children play around him. We don’t observe any progress in therapy, but at least the boy is smiling.

Similar to Samuel, Luka needed special custom-made equipment to spend time outdoors with his peers. Again we chose Akces-Med products. This time caregivers decided to buy smaller

custom-made stroller for two boys. They chose Hippo+ and thanks to manufacturer fast reaction, they obtained stroller with light, sunny upholster color – excellent for Zambia’s climate.


What’s noticeable in the picture, blue Hippo+ is the excellent solution. Luka spends time comfortably and safely, what improves his psyche and prevents against further physical deformations.

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