Country: Ukraine
Age: 12
Product: RACER®


I would like to welcome you to share with you our little story. Let me introduce our dear son Nicholas. He is our long awaited and very desired second child. Nicholas was born after 39 weeks of pregnancy. He weighed 3800 grams and seemed to be so happy at the side of his family, at least for the first four days of his existence. Nicholas was vaccinated against hepatitis, and on the fifth day of birth, his condition worsened significantly.

We have been struggling with his disease for over 12 years and certainly we will never give up. Our dear son is undoubtedly the most beautiful, kind, and sensitive child in the world.

Unfortunately, Nicholas was not able to perform any activities on their own until he was 6, it was then that he learned to move independently, by crawling on his belly. He is a big enthusiast of cars – to be honest, it is impossible for him to get bored of the cars. In addition, he loves the movement, especially riding in his stroller.


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And here comes the need of easy and comfortable relocation that can only be provided by a highly functional stroller. We decided to order RACER+ stroller because we knew it would absolutely meet all our expectations. The stroller has many useful features like a longer push handle facilitating crossing the uneven sidewalks or high curbs, moreover, extremely maneuverable wheels that allow me to easily rotate the stroller and, of course, high durability of the product. Nicholas’ smile ensures me that we could not choose better. I wholeheartedly recommend RACER+ because it has aesthetic and beautiful appearance, it is very convenient for both child and mother.

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wish my dear son to remain in good health for as long as possible because we all love you so much, especially your older brother who is my faithful and reliable support.

Thank you for listening to our short story.

Your sincerely, mother – Ałła Rudenko