Country: Poland
Age: 8
Product: RACER EVO®


My name is Filip and I am an only child.

I was born in 2009,  weighing only 2500 gram

From birth i suffer from childrens quadriplegic cerebral pasy (mixed type), encephalopathy and suspected genetic syndrome. I am under constant care of a home hospice. When I was about 1 year old I started to significantly gain weight which was  was described as a huge obesity. Now at the age of 7 i weigh about 50 kg and I am approx.140 cm tall. I also have epilepsy with which i have to deal with by taking proper medication. Even though I have a  tracheostomy tube, which I have to regularly exchange, I am able to swallow liquids and foods, which is very unusial and unique in a situation like this.

Even though i can hear and see, i am unfortunately unable to speak, therefore my communication skills are limited to deafult reactions which only the closest person to me is able to intuitively undrestand. But i do smile often and I am a cheerful child.

My loving Mom is very proud of me!!!!

I am using a rehab stroller called RACER EVO, which has been modified and adapted especially for my needs.Thanks to the rotating front wheels , it is very manoeuvrable, which makes it much easier for my Mom to maneuver  me around. The deep seat and easily reclining backrest gives me great comfort, and other features like for example side cushions make me feel very safe in the RACER EVO. This is extremely important, especially since I spend a large part of the day in my stroller.

Thanks to my stroller I am able to go on outdoor rides in comfortable conditions, if oufcourse the weather conditions allow me to.