Buggypod IO

Buggypod IO is a side seat for your older child. Your stroller will turn into double stroller thanks to Buggypod IO. Concerning its advantages, it makes the ride both comfortable and safe for your older child. Furthermore, you do not have to buy a double stroller. It is highly beneficial when you want to take both children for a walk – you just need to mount Buggypod IO to stroller.

This side seat is equipped with special clamps thanks to which it is easy to adjust Buggypod IO to rehabilitation strollers such as Ursus™, Ombrelo™, Hippo+™. What is more, Buggypod IO can be easily folded, unfolded or completely detached from stroller (for instance when stroller is situated in a car).

Buggypod IO is equipped with wheel and rigid connection with stroller thanks to which it is easy and comfortable use it even if there are some kerbs or bumps on the road. The product is equipped with 5-point belts for a child and folded footrest which makes the use of product safe.


  • Light, compact construction
  • Easy and fast assembly and disassembly
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • 2 clicks to fold side seat which is attached to stroller
  • Great alternative for double rehabilitation strollers
  • Simple assembly grips. Standard assembly grips are included in the price and are adjusted to pipes which have a diameter up to 4 cm
  • It is possible to use product as side seat to strollers such as Ursus™, Ombrelo™, Hippo+™ if it is necessary to use double stroller or self-propelled 3-wheel stroller
  • Upholstery is made of easy to wash fabric
  • Stroller’s handle is lined with soft fabric
  • The product complies with EN 188:2012


  • Buggypod IO can be used in two different ways:
    • 1) As a side seat for rehabilitation strollers such as Ursus™, Ombrelo™, Hippo+™
    • 2) As a standalone 3-wheel stroller – it is necessary to use special set so as to adjust it as self-propeller 3-wheel stroller.


  • Max. weight – 20 kg. Suitable from 6 months old
  • Weight of Buggypod IO is approx. 3,5 kg
  • Seat width – 27 cm
  • Seat depth – 29 cm
  • Height of backrest – 45 cm
  • Adds around 41 cm to the width of your pushchair when open
  • Adds around 14 cm to the width of your pushchair when folded
  • Because of the design of the Buggypod IO, they can only be fixed onto the right hand side of the pushchair when viewed from the pushing position


  • 5-point safety harness,
  • Footrest,
  • Retractable, soft touch handlebar for easier steering as both side-seat and independent 3-wheel pushchair,
  • Mounting set 51.


Buggypod IO is mounted to stroller with the aid of two catches that are mounted on the sides of frame’s pipes. It is necessary to make sure that you chose places on frame as it is shown on the picture.

Fastening points of catches should be placed from 16 to 37,5 cm from each other. The distance for back catch from the floor should be from 35 to 42,5 cm. Front catch has to be mounted at the same height as back catch or up to 8 cm higher if necessary. Additionally, if you look at the back of stroller, catches should be mounted on vertical parts of frame’s pipes (not bended towards the stroller or outside).

Furthermore, check if line, which passes through both fastening points, is parallel to the direction of travel.