07.06.2018 Check our new product – Racer Home™!

25.05.2018 Information about accessories

We would like to inform, that gray trays for products: Ombrelo™, Racer™, Racer evo™, Ursus™ Are available while stocks last. Trays in black colour only will be available in our offer.

30.04.2018 BodyMap® offer update

BodyMap offer update – click baner for more information.

05.04.2018 New size tables

02.03.2018 New under seat storage basket for ULISES EVO™

01.03.2018 Thanks to the KIDOO™ Table the therapy, studying and playing are even more pleasant now!

19.02.2018 Information about accessories

Please click the baner for more information

14.02.2018 The positioning chair ZEBRA™ in now replaced with the new ZEBRA INVENTO™

18.12.2017 Merry Christmas!

28.11.2017 See our Quark!

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