11.03.2019 New push handle for RACER™ / Racer Evo™ / Racer Home™

We would like to inform you that we have introduced changes to the push handle of Racer™, Racer Evo™ and Racer Home™ in sizes 3 and 4. Large sizes are slightly heavier and bigger. It is much easier to maneuver the lighter stroller with a smaller load than the large one. That is why, we have decided to redesign and change the push handle in […]


11.03.2019 New Octagon™ headrest

A shaped headrest created by Akces-Med® is new quality of the stabilization system. Its modern and lightweight construction makes it easy to adjust it to every patient. An innovative structure of the headrest has an internal aluminum ‘fin’ covered with soft foam. Therefore, the headrest can be adjusted more precisely to the patient’s head, providing even […]


We would like to inform you that from 1st March 2019 the positioning chair NOOK™ will be equipped with a tray as standard. So far the tray has been an additional accessory. We would like to remind you about its advantages: It is made of wood. It is great support during recreation and therapy. It is […]

11.03.2019 BuggyPod™ Sale!

Sale of BuggyPodTM kid-sit up to 30%. The offer includes: Buggypod IO™ (along with the accessories) Buggypod PERLE™ (along with the BuggyBoard MAXI™)   The BuggyPodTM kid-sits are compatible with all the Akces-Med special needs strollers: Ursus™ Racer™ i Racer Evo™ Ombrelo™ Hippo+™ The BuggyPod™ kid-sits are also compatible with other strollers. You can find more information […]

14.02.2019 Positioning chair NOOK™ universal size

26.11.2018 Christmas Break

Please be informed that during Christmas and New Year we are closed from 24.12.2018 until 6.01.2019

21.09.2018 New push handles

New additional accessory has been added to our offer (el. _431). More info here:

10.09.2018 New ABS trays for Ulises Evo™ & Ursus™

Soon our strollers Ulises Evo™ & Ursus™ will be available with a new ABS thermoformable tray! The new tray will replace the previous one and will be available under the same code (_403). More info here:

26.07.2018 Crab™ & Crab Pro™

We would like to inform you that CRAB™ and CRAB PRO™ are no longer available in our offer. 

19.07.2018 New JORDI™ colour

Our JORDI™ is now available in a new colour version. At our customers’ request we have changed the grey colour of the footrest, backrest, seat and tray to a bright and friendly blue colour. We hope you like this change. The chair in the new colour will be delivered to you after the grey version of JORDI™ […]