Crab™ & Crab PRO™

Elegant and comfortable chair which is very durable. Equipped with solid rubber castors which allows for easy moving around the patient. Durable construction gives maximum stability during using the chair. Product made of aluminium what makes it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Powder paint that is harmless for human was used as a outer layer. Upholstery made of medical fabric called Medicus, which is also used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc. Easy to wash and disinfect, waterproof and vapour permeable. Choosing this product you take care of your spine. When you work with your patient you don’t need to bend your back anymore over him in non ergonomic and non comfortable position. Thanks to the Crab chair you can work in correct, comfortable position.

The Crab PRO ™ has a contoured shape and adjustable height. Its durable construction and sturdy wheels will certainly make it easier for you to work with the patient.


Durable construction gives maximum stability during using the chair.


Solid rubber castors allows easier moving around the patient.


Medical upholstery used in this product is vapor permeable, waterproof and easy to disinfect.

Recommended for teraupetters and doctors

  • Relieve the spine
  • Provides better ergonomics during work etc.




Crab™                                                                                                                          Crab Pro™

Symbol  Measuerement Unit Crab™ Crab Pro™
A Seat width [cm] 37 21 / 33
A1 Frame width [cm] 37 24 / 24
B Seat length [cm] 51 64
B1 Frame lenght [cm] 51 47
C Height [cm] 46 38 – 50
Weight [kg] 3,5 5
Max user weight [kg] 100 100

Note: Measurement tolerance range is +/- 1 cm / ½ in.



Standard equipment of Crab Pro™

crab pro wyposazenie zdj 1 2 3


  • Contoured and comfortable
  • Foam covered by Medicus™ upholstery

Castors with break

  • Solid rubber castors with break
  • They helps to move


  • Height step-adjustment
  • Solid and durable


Medical Upholstery – MEDICUS™

water steam fire

SANMED Standard

Med Sea

SANLATTE *Optional

Med Skin

SANBLUE *optional

Med Blue



Medical Upholstery – EXTREME MED™

Citrus Green



Optional colors available for special request. Real upholstery colors may differ from the presented images.