On our lightweight, aluminum and water-resistant base AKVO™ you can install the AKVOSEGO or AKVOLITO bath chairs in just a few seconds. Bath chair installed on the base is the great aid which you can use during the shower or in bath tub. From now on, there is no required to lift and carry child in the small bath. You can put child on our base AKVO™ in room, go to bath, take a shower, dry the child with a towel and back to room. In this case, our base AKVO™ is useful as an room carriage. What is more, bath chair or deckchair, assembled on the base, is placed higher what prevents against the excessive bending and off-loads the spine. Using the base AKVO™ with special adapters and optional BodyMap cushions, you can achieve 3 functions:

  • bath chair
  • room carriage
  • rehabilitation chair with trunk and head stabilization

Using our base AKVO™ you receive 3 in 1 products. This feature, allows to safe your money and place in the house.

Special features



Product can be adjusted to fit all sizes of AKVOSEGO™ and AKVOLITO™ bath chairs

The belt system

The belt system allows easy installation of the product on the basis ensuring safety during use

Easy to adjust length

Easy to adjust length

Available sizes

Available sizes


64 cm


43 cm


93-124 cm


55-85 cm


38 cm

Weight net

4,4 kg

Weight gross

6,5 kg